All Good Living Foundation

All Good Living Foundation

By now you may have heard about the non-profit we started a while back, All Good Living Foundation. At All Good Living, we're all about doing good so it just made sense for us to create the All Good Living Foundation. 

Pre-COVID19, we focused our efforts on helping the homeless children in our area and unifying everyone in hopes to create a greater community. We held "Do Good Days" where we would coordinate and invite our neighbors to help clean up a park or plant new flowers, whatever the event coordinator would plan. We wanted the young, old and in between to be involved. We worked with the city of Alameda and the school district so we may be connected with the students and their families who were experiencing homelessness. Our goal was to be helpful in any way we could but to be private and discreet. We've even extended our programs into the Lamorinda area. We are hoping to be able to blanket the whole Bay Area and beyond.

Enter February 2020. This was the initial start of our COVID19 quarantine. Wow, that seems so long ago. Due to our stay in place order, thousands of people either lost their jobs or were furloughed, meaning family incomes were slashed in half or completely gone. Weeks turned into months and families are losing their homes every day. With schools being closed, kids who depended on school lunches were going hungry. We had to step up. All Good Living Foundation has been providing COVID19 Public Health Crisis Relief to those who need it. Families in need who are facing food and/or housing insecurities can receive assistance. 

Our assistance program is called Alameda Cares, and it is a relief fund for families struggling the most due to the COVID19 pandemic. During this whole crisis, we’ve been able to help provide food and clothing as well as mini grants of $200 that can be used towards bills or what ever that family needs to use it on. Alameda Cares was created by school volunteers throughout the City of Alameda in an effort to ensure all of Alameda’s families are able to stay safe, healthy and ready to learn as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The relief fund is set up so families in need can reach out for support, and families that want to support local families can donate. Relief awards will be distributed as rapidly as possible to families in need.

To date, we've helped hundreds of families and provided more than a thousand meals. Our meal programs not only provide food for families but it is also helping local eateries stay in business. Our foundation is rooted in "Doing Good". California is somewhat getting the hang of our new normal but we know families are still at risk, so what do we do? We keep "Doing Good"! 

Head over to the All Good Living Foundation website to read more about us and the great things we've done.